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Textile Facade

Technical support

PVC/PTFE Membrane  is the best solution for cladding building facades, either on large structures like stadiums, shopping mall or medium/small size projects like parking garages or office buildings. Tensile facades use the same technology as tensile fabric open air canopies or enclosed roofing utilizing PVC /PTFE / membrane mesh or ETFE film applications such as air inflated cushions or single layer with cables.

Tekstil Cephe

A highly sustainable building material for tensile facade cladding applications, tensile fabric membrane maximizes daylight while minimizing solar heat gain and transportation- and fabrication-related waste. With the PVC membranes available in many standard colors and with the ability for printed graphics, nearly any design is possible. A silver-colored mesh fabric is typically specified for a similar aesthetic to aluminum panels, but with greater transparency.

Benefits of Tensile Fabric Facades:

• Durable and sustainable
• Decrease Solar Heat Gain
• Flexible Design Aesthetics
• Long Span Capabilities
• Cost Effective Solutions
• Natural Light Translucency
• Air Ventilation with Mesh Fabrics
• Digital Printing Graphics available for PVC Membranes or ETFE film
• 100% recyclable* (depending on the type of membrane used)
• Non-combustible fabrics available